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Consulting services

Big or small, private or public, project-based or season-based, solo project or ensemble project... regardless, an outside point of view can provide valuable feedback, a different way of looking at familiar problems and can even validate making long-delayed decisions.

Every institution, artist and project lives in a particular context and has its own challenges and conditions. Our consulting services are tailored and adapted to your needs.

Strategic planning

Develop a mission-based plan for your project or organization. Plan ahead and identify what are the key elements that drive your success and create a culture that constantly strengthens and works towards the main purpose of your project's existence.


Artistic planning 

Concert season planning, artistic identity consultancy, artistic planning for soloists and ensembles or artistic vibrancy assessments. Get a different point of view on your organization's or project's artistic plan.


Management consulting

Taking a hard look at the way you do things sometimes requires an outside perspective on how your institution or project is organized. Dare to assess if there are many layers in your decision-making process, if your cost structures are suitable to your operation or if you should outsource any parts of your operation.


Professional and personal consulting

As with any profession or organization, artists and ensembles are pulled and pushed in different directions and have strenghts and weaknesses that can further or impede their success. We help artist take an inventory of their assets and provide an outside look at their standing within the industry.


Foreign Affairs Ministry

We recommended ways to support the ministry's cultural diplomacy initiatives through the use of concerts and helped organize events that strengthened the diplomatic ties of Colombia and its partners.



We curated a concert series based on the organization's thematic interests, keeping in mind the available resources, the quality and variety of the artists and the best dates for their performances.

Tango Sacro2

Soloists and ensembles

We have worked with soloists, composers and ensembles in order to help them further their careers, assess their place in the market and help them orient their professional efforts.

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