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Mauricio Peña, founder and executive director


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For over twenty years, Mauricio Peña has been at the forefront of some of Colombia’s most important music institutions and projects. At age 27 he was appointed executive director of the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra. Later, he headed the city of Bogota’s Culture, Recreation and Sports Bureau’s music projects division and, in such capacity, oversaw the organization of open-air music festivals dedicated to opera, rock, hip hop and traditional Colombian music, among other duties. He advised the Colombian Ministry of Culture during  its search  for an artistic  director and  principal conductor for

the Colombian National Symphony Orchestra and subsequently worked as artistic administrator and education coordinator for said ensemble. During his tenure with the orchestra, he proposed the creation of the International Symphonic Festival, an event that -during five years- celebrated the power and versatility of symphonic music and introduced Colombian audiences to modern orchestral repertoire, world-class soloists and to the musical collaborations between the orchestra and pop and traditional artists, hence widening the orchestra’s audience reach.


In 2010, he was appointed as head of the music division of Colombia’s central bank, Banco de la República, conducting the artistic planning and administrative leadership of the country’s preeminent chamber music venue – the Luis Ángel Arango Library’s recital hall. During his almost twelve-year tenure in this position, he deepened the relationship of the bank’s concert season with local composers by strengthening the organization’s chamber music commissioning program, formalizing its recording series focused on Colombian chamber music and creating opportunities for young composers such as workshops, reading sessions and a new annual young composers competition. He produced the hall’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration including the publication of a commemorative book, collaborated with national and international theaters and festivals and reassessed and reinforced long-running programs dedicated to the promotion of young Colombian performers.

As head of MPC Music Management, Mauricio aims to collaborate, complement and strengthen Latin America’s music ecosystem by representing Latin American artists in national, regional and international markets, working as a consultant to public and private institutions and projects, organizing events that provide a bigger stage for local and regional artists, developing collaborative models for the representation of international artists that want to perform in Latin America.

Mauricio holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and International Affairs from the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Arts in Arts Administration from Columbia University in New York and an MBA from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá.

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